Run Your Own Web Server Using Linux & Apache
Free 191 Page eBook. Whether you’re planning on running Linux at home, or on a leased Web Server, this book will walk you step-by-step through all of the common administration tasks, from managing traffic reporting to log-file rotation. This guide even includes step-by-step instructions on installing Linux (Fedora 4), Apache 2.0, PHP 5 and MySQL 4.1 on a home or office development server, so you can test all of your applications before rolling them out. (For visitors from USA, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom only.)
The Linux Cookbook: Tips and Techniques for Everyday Use
The Linux Cookbook is a good guide for beginners who want to learn about the standard commands that are available on all systems.
Linux in the Workplace
Linux in the Workplace introduces Linux users to the desktop capabilities of Linux and the K Desktop Environment (KDE) graphical user interface. Includes information on how to use email and surf the Internet; perform general office-related tasks; work with the command line; and much more.
Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition
This is the online version of Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition by Jonathan Corbet, Alessandro Rubini, and Greg Kroah-Hartman. Individual chapters can be downloaded in pdf format.
Free for All
Free for All: How Linux and the Free Software Movement Undercut the High-Tech Titans is available in various formats. Peter Wayner’s Free for All explores the history of open-source programming, its emerging threat to Microsoft, and its struggle to retain its ideals in the face of big money.
Advanced Linux Programming
This book will help you to: Develop GNU/Linux software that works the way users expect it to, Write more sophisticated programs with features such as multiprocessing, multi-threading, interprocess communication, and interaction with hardware devices, Improve your programs by making them run faster, more reliably, and more securely, Understand the preculiarities of a GNU/Linux system, including its limitations, special capabilities, and conventions.

Download Advanced Linux Programming

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To view and print the book, you will need a Portable Document Format (PDF) viewer application, such as

Some web browsers have problems with inline PDF files. Try saving the file to your local filesystem before opening with a stand alone PDF viewer. If you still have problems viewing the file, make sure you have downloaded the entire file and the md5 checksum matches.

Title File Filesize md5 checksum
Front Matter and Table of Contents pdf 1273361 fe0c601b919879e93d79d25a78818b5c
Chapter 01 – Advanced Unix Programming with Linux pdf 235835 5923f2a5d7fb4f941fe905fbe45be196
Chapter 02 – Writing Good GNU/Linux Software pdf 280326 44c823c1240c7f70a6dc9dbfddbe03fa
Chapter 03 – Processes pdf 241758 87b5d98ba5b5933cf2ad1dbcf37641aa
Chapter 04 – Threads pdf 292419 11f392b44c073498e9ec9b3f718e54e7
Chapter 05 – Interprocess Communication pdf 289853 0de9b56476a0e6e536fbac68e09b02d2
Chapter 06 – Mastering Linux pdf 268821 ab8940fbcc40018d72bd2016e662afba
Chapter 07 – The /proc File System pdf 258582 b3fe701f67a37ad7ba7233bcdc3f5d90
Chapter 08 – Linux System Calls pdf 261352 583182dc09bc8b3c3773ba6d0fc710f2
Chapter 09 – Inline Assembly Code pdf 204992 c226e58fc7bf544df477d8ae96b680ed
Chapter 10 – Security pdf 288441 fc340b97e9c7f3fc2f5fe4dd71132ffd
Chapter 11 – A Sample GNU/Linux Application pdf 298215 50a205644e441ae26d2041567d131b82
Appendix A – Other Development Tools pdf 272377 09a9a79a3c3abe6869df3f1ab5b39b14
Appendix B – Low Level I/O pdf 252755 3eaa0f0bbd103e1cc7872663e227a14b
Appendix C – Table of Signals pdf 177879 3b02a6abb38877580b743392b98c3290
Appendix D – Online Resources pdf 148074 372964ff1eb4f85aca3985736a06cc48
Appendix E – Open Publication License Version 1.0 pdf 176596 5b1ddb8d38b6a44b357345ba6c25010e
Appendix F – The GNU General Public License pdf 228793 e207c51489e6f3cfafba5b13bb5e3bd9
Index pdf 1253094 004eefcfc2c6dca9a21233e748b81f35

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